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What We Do For Resorts

Resort Rentals International books vacation rental travelers into vacation resorts and condo hotels. Our goal is to increase rental revenue for our resort clients while providing a pleasant booking experience to our rental customers. Travelers receive premuim support while we handle pre-stay communications to save time for your resort staff. The end result is simple, we work to provide vacation resorts and rental customers with an exceptional booking service so that resorts receive rental revenue and customers receive great accommodations.

How we do it

Our system efficiently utilizes the vacation rental marketplace. We do not utilize the GDS or OTAs. This provides your resort with the opportunity to match your targeted audience with our clientele. We provide one-on-one communication with each customer to reserve rentals and keep the customer well informed about your resort and your policies.

How Bookings are Delivered

Our in-house reservations team confirms bookings 7 days a week to ensure a streamlined booking experience. Customers can book with us online or over the phone. Bookings are delivered to your resort's reservation department by email or through our intranet. 

Performance Based Service

Increase your rental revenue without any risks. Allotments are not required. Bookings are made based on your resort's availability. Resorts may choose a net rate agreement or a commission agreement.  

Developing Repeat Guests 

We offer an exceptional booking service to the guest and your resort offers an exceptional vacation. We ensure that every customer experiences a pleasant booking experience. We combine fantastic service with targeted marketing campaigns to turn guests into repeat customers.

Generating Online Reviews

Online reviews play a major role in the decision making process for booking accommodations. We follow up with guests after check-out to learn how much they enjoyed their experience, suggest they provide an online review of their stay and provide a summarized report to resort management.

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