What Can RRI Do For My Resort?

Resort Rentals International distributes your resort's rental accommodations through our popular network channels to millions of travelers who are searching for rental accommodations. We are your untapped revenue source.

Who we are

Resort Rentals International is a provider of rental bookings for timeshare resorts, condo resorts, and any other resort with condominium accommodations.

Promoting Your Rentals

We work with leaders in the vacation marketing industry to deliver rental bookings to your resort.We market your resort rentals to travelers looking for vacation condos and villas.

Performance Based Service

We provide a performance based service which means that we do not get paid until you get paid. We cover the costs of promoting your available rentals because we work for commission or net rates.

Let's Get Started

Please call us or email us at 1-800-455-9605 or contactus@rrirentals.com. We will answer any questions that you may have and we can draft a contract tailored to your resort.

Want More Revenue... Add Your Resort


Our system allows resort management to gather extra bookings through additional distribution channels. This facilitates the opportunity to maximize occupancy and revenue for your property and owners.


Work with us; you have nothing to lose. We do not charge any upfront fees. We cover the costs to set up the additional distribution channels. We will set up a commission per booking or net rate structure with your resort. The commission and net rate amounts are very competitive. You will find our rates to be amongst the lowest in the industry.

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Need Help?

+1-800-455-9605 Monday to Friday 9.00am - 7.30pm

Revenue Solutions

Customer Communications

We will handle pre-stay and post-stay communications with our customers including inquiries about the resort, booking confirmations, check-in instructions, resort policies, and review requests. This saves time for your reservations team and telephone receptionist.


Do you prefer allotments or based on availability? To streamline the booking process, we ask resorts to provide us with one allotment per day which can be cancelled upon request due to sell outs and special events. If you are unable to provide an allotment, we can book rentals based on availability.

Rental Marketing

We create and distribute for advertisements and property listings with leaders in the vacation industry. These advertisements and listings showcase your rental properties and describe the rentals in detail including resort amenities, location, rates, policies, and more. We also post numerous pictures of the rentals, the resort, and the area. We make it our job to market the resort to its fullest potential in order to deliver rental bookings.

Rates and Revenue

It is our goal to deliver as many bookings to your resort as possible. To do this, we aim to provide customers with competitive rates and value. We ask resort management to provide us the same rates the resort may have published on the OTAs. Resorts can also choose to provide us with lower rates than published through the OTAs because our bookings are not subject to rate parity checks. Our customers typically stay an average of 6 nights which equals more revenue and fewer expenses.

How Bookings are Delivered

Our in-house reservations team confirms bookings 7 days a week, including nights & weekends, ensuring a streamlined booking experience for your guests. Customers can book with us online or over the phone. Bookings are delivered to your resort in the most efficient manner. For each booking, the reservation details and customer information will be emailed, faxed, or called into your reservations team. You provide us with a confirmation number and we do the rest. Your resort will be paid at the time of the booking.

Booking Agreements

We will provide your resort with a booking agreement tailored to your policies. We ask for only 1 allotment per day but we can book on an availability basis if you are unable to provide an allotment. All we require is that you provide us with an allotment so that we can provide our customers with real time availability. You may cancel an allotment at your request; just provide us with notice. Occasionally we receive last minute booking requests and we can book those based on availability. We also ask that you provide us with rates that are competitive within your market. You can set the minimum or maximum number of nights, change over dates (if applicable), rates, fees, cancellation policies, etc. If at any time you wish to cancel our agreement, you may do so.

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